Flat roofs can often develop more problems over time than pitched roofs. Due to the potential problems that can occur flat roofs, preventative maintenance should be performed. This includes inspecting for cracks, flashing, exposed nail heads, and any other potential damaging effects several times per year, and fixing any problems that arise.

Dolphin Roofing offers a preventative maintenance service contract that will help your roof last much longer than expected. With a service contract, you will receive 3-4 service inspections throughout the year.

Preventative Maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning loose debris from roof surface
  • Cleaning top roof drains and scuppers
  • Cleaning roof gutters
  • Fixing seal penetrations
  • Seal and fill pitch pans
  • Seal flashing where needed
  • Applying aluminum or white elastomeric coating (optional)

Applying coatings to your roof will protect the roof from drying out and deteriorating, which is the main cause of roof leaks. The added benefit of adding coatings to your flat roof is that the sun will reflect off the roof,  drawing less heat to your home or building which will allow you to save on your electric bill.

Considering a preventative maintenance contract for your flat roof? Call us today to get a free estimate!