30 Mar 2017

How long should my tile roof last?

A tile roof built using today’s standards should last a minimum of 15 years. Most lasting up to 30 years. There are a lot of determining factors such as climate and what underlayment is used. Another important factor is pests  like birds. Bird droppings have acid in them and can ruin your roof quickly.

Roof debris will shorten the life span of your roofing system. Keep trees and leaves off of your roof. Roofs are designed for water to flow down and off very quickly. Debris can prevent water from flowing and then create a water dam. Water dams can allow water to back up and flow under the roof system which will cause a leak. If you use a quality underlayment, and keep your roof clean from pests, debris and tree limbs,and etc. your roof could very well last 40 years or more before it needs to be replaced again.

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