Considering replacing your flat roof? There are many times flat roof repairs can be done, saving you the time and expense of replacing the roof altogether.

Here are some reasons you may choose to repair a flat roof:

  • The membrane is in good shape and has not met its life expectation
  • The roof has good insulation
  • The owner wants to keep costs to a minimum
  • You are experiencing leaks in a few areas of the roof

Benefits of Flat Roof Repairs:

  • Less costly than a re-cover or replacement
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Prevents further damage by stopping leaks

What happens if you ignore roof leaks for some time?

Once a flat roof starts leaking, the interior damage will span from stained ceilings (in the best case scenario) to thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Other interior damage can include falling sheet-rock, damaged electrical systems, popping and warping of hardwood flooring, destroyed carpets, and amaged furniture and home goods.

Three most common places where leaks are coming from:

  • Roof Penetration – An object that is going through the deck of the building
  • Roof and Vertical Wall – Where the flat roof slopes into a wall at the edge of the building
  • Deteriorated Roof Materials – Existing roofing materials become dried out or deteriorated

Most roofers do their flat roof repairs with a can of roof cement and a roll of 4” in fabric. When repairs are done in this manner, the repair may only last 3-6 months before the roof cement dries out and cracks. Unfortunately, most clients are not aware of this, and are told they are getting a permanent fix until they get their roof replaced.

Instead of taking making flat roof repairs the “easy” way, we completely recover the area round where the roof is leaking with a roll of roofing material membrane, just as we would if we were recovering an entire roof. With most roof leaks, we will cover an 10×10 foot area or larger with roofing membrane, depending on the condition of the roof and the location of the leaks. This work is then backed up with a warranty.

Is your roof leaking or are you experiencing any other problems with your roof? Call us today for a free estimate!