Not all damaged flat roofs need to be replaced. If the roof is structurally sound and has good installation, your best option and effective solution is flat roof re-cover services. In many cases, if a flat roof only has one membrane, you can put about cover on top. Keep in mind, however, that a roof can only be re-covered once.

Here are some reasons you may choose to re-cover a flat roof:


  • The roof has good insulation, but the membrane has met its life expectancy
  • The roof has not been re-covered prior

Flat Roof Re-cover Benefits:

  • Cheaper than a full replacement
  • Less disruptive than a full tear-off
  • Less risk of a roof being exposed to the elements
  • New, extended warranties are available

If you are considering flat roof re-covering for your home or business, or have any other roofing need, contact us today for a free estimate!