29 Sep 2016
Should I repair or replace my roof

One of the most common questions we hear in the roofing business is “should I repair or replace my roof?” When the time comes to determine whether you may need to repair or replace your home or commercial roof, it is best to have a professional roofing company come and inspect your roof for damages. […]

22 Sep 2016
prevent roof leaks and water damage

A damaged roof can have serious negative effects on your entire property (ceilings, walls, and foundation), your wallet, and even your health. For all of the major problems a damaged roof can cause, the early warning signs are often small and hard to detect, and easy to miss until it is too late.┬áHere are a […]

07 Sep 2016

Finding out your roof is leaking before water gets into your home can save you thousands! It’s that time of the year again where it feels like the rain never stops. Day after day, you find yourself dodging puddles and keeping an eye on the sky for the usual mid afternoon downpour. Some days it […]